Play & Earn, NFT marketplace & Metaverse.

About Us

Market and Target audience

PugAlien is for everyone. Playable from the computer or from the mobile phone. No prior experience with Blockchain is needed. The development team behind PugAlien have worked on various games and they are implementing their experience.

We believe we can attract millions of players that enjoy the New Generation Games and base building type of games, with the added benefits of the NFT, cryptocurrencies and voting mechanisms that comprise the Play-2-Earn concept.


  • Young male and female under 45 with a mobile device or computer.
  • Managers and Affiliates: who will accelerate the player’s journey by purchasing land and other assets and offer them to players.

Collectors: We believe that the value & uniqueness of the digital assets in our game will be very interesting. All the collections will be treated as an NFT and it will be minted on its own Marketplace.

Pugalien was established in 2020 with four core members. Getting to where you are today has been a long and exciting journey. We are delighted to create products that contribute to the joy of people all over the world. We believe that games are an integral part of human life. With games like PugAlien, we can discover the hidden abilities of individuals, groups, and society that real life is limited or impossible to do. It is imagination in adventure games, quick thinking and handling in action games, interaction and teamwork in online games, etc.

The advent of blockchain technology helps the development of the game to a new level. With the outstanding features of blockchain such as decentralization, security, transparency, freedom, blockchain can help Traditional games do things that were not possible before.


PugAlien’s mission is not just to create an e-sport game but a platform game that connects crypto owners with gamers and streamers. These three components will create a sustainable blockchain ecosystem that makes gaming, sharing,  and in-game peer-to-peer exchange famous worldwide.

In the future, PugAlien will create a futuristic ever-changing game world with deeply engaging AI, real market economies,  unlimited modification potential for player-created gaming experiences, and real-world crossover featuring augmented reality play options.