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Most of the Traditional card games don’t allow proper asset ownership

In general, in-game items are not owned by the players but rather by the companies that create them or the gaming company that is behind the platform. When buying an in-game item, like a skin for a character or a card for the deck, players don’t own it – the game publisher merely licenses it to them. Furthermore, many card games in the current crypto market are very similar to each other and lack unique features. Games also fail to incorporate other stakeholders such as artists or creators, which would help to expand the gaming ecosystem and make it more engaging.


Here in PugAlien – Asset ownership provides endless possibilities to creators and gamers

PugAliens gives players real ownership over the items they purchase or earn in the game, giving them the right to sell an item by participating in a robust and thriving marketplace. Furthermore, instead of reusing old characters over and over again, PugAliens has chosen to allow game artists to bring some fresh creativity into the game. Only in Pugaliens, creators have the power to expand the game world as they please. In the so-called MetaEarth, they can create new skins for Gods and Mortals, Spells or even forge entirely new Gods. Creators can then sell these artworks on the game artist marketplace and even earn a fee from each subsequent trade.